Autistic Hedgehog


Something I've genuinely just seen on Twitter: "Dental mix-up leaves autistic man with no teeth *link to the news story* Adults with autism cause problems everywhere" WHAT?! Victim-blaming much?! Urgh. :(


(Context - That tweet is from an aspie who’s anti-vaccine and pro-cure. Not for HIMSELF, obviously, just those *other* autistic people, like his son. AAAAAAAARGH)


Well, that’s just icky all the way around. 

What makes it really gross is that I did a little poking around and it turns out there have been other reports of the dentist in question pulling out too many teeth and being overall shitty as his job, so the autism of the man in question had absolutely nothing to do with it. Wonder how the guy who made the tweet would feel if people talked about him like that, in such a situation.